Protection Gloves

Your personal protection against secondary radiation

LEADFREE and POWDERFREE single-use gloves

RadiaXon radiation protection gloves are sterile single-use gloves used for
the purpose of attenuation of scattered and of stray radiation.

This hand specific device is a personal protective shield intended for use
during medical procedures i.e. fluoroscopic procedures, in order to protect the operator or other persons from unnecessary exposure to radiation.

RadiaXon Latex

RadiaXon radiation protection gloves
The textured surface of the latex protection glove guarantees tactile
sensitivity and maximum protection during surgical procedures.

RadiaXon PI

RadiaXon protection gloves
made of Polyisoprene
guarantee an optimal
combination of attenuation and
tactile sensitivity.

RadiaXon PI Sensitive

Extrathin RadiaXon PI Sensitive protection gloves made of Polyisoprene guarantee an optimal combination of attenuation and tactile sensitivity.

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Lead is a highly toxic heavy metal, which causes numerous toxicological and
environmental challenges in the health care setting.

  • The toxicity of Lead can adversely affect many organs and systems in the human body, especially the nervous system, the kidneys and the reproductive system.
  • Lead can adversely affect the neurological and physiological development of youngsters.
  • In contrast to most medical products, products with Lead content present a serious challenge for the environment. Due to the high toxicity of products containing Lead, disposal is not possible by ignition. Lead is a major problem on landfills, as its disposal can lead to a contamination of ground water.


Unlike many other radiation protection gloves, RadiaXon does not contain Lead.
RadiaXon obtains its superb attenuation properties from a proprietary bismuth oxide formulation.

Powder free

RadiaXon radiation protection gloves are treated with the same state of the art surface modification technologies used in the manufacturing of sterile surgical gloves. These technologies provide an optimized and consistent grip in a powder free environment.


RadiaXon radiation protection gloves have a revolutionary thin film design to offer enhanced dexterity with better sensitivity and comfort. These benefits are afforded whilst still delivering excellent attenuation properties. The wearer benefits from the best of fit, feel and comfort without compromising on protection.


RadiaXon radiation protection gloves are very environmentally-friendly and are readily disposable. They do not have the same expensive disposal requirements, which many of the competition’s lead-based products have to fulfil.